Saturday, November 3, 2012


 Good deeds and a great show: Reesi Rocca's ROCKtober gig with her band in Marina Del Rey on 10.25.12 donated its proceeds to two worthy animal charities, Star Paws Dog Rescue and Forgotten Dog Rescue. Stadium star-voiced Reesi evinces both a kind heart and a dynamic stage presence: view the latter below...

Some photo ops before and after the gig below as follows: casual garb at sound check; Reesi with a young fan whose parents drove him several hours just to see this show; after a timely video interview with Darryl and Reesi's own canine promotional ambassador, their Golden Retriever MJ!

                                                                                                            Above far right, Reesi with MJ exhausted after her ambassadorial duties; below, Reesi and Darryl, good people!

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