Saturday, September 15, 2012


Back when I was a natural light snob and flashless, I took this chiaroscuro shot of Sandy Denny, Trevor Lucas et al in Fairport Convention, live at The Troubadour, West Hollywood, with absolutely no light whatsoever. It probably dates from 1974. Check LINK for a far better shot of this band, albeit a different lineup, circa 1973 at UCLA.

I was part of a conjoined media/group interview with Ms. Denny shortly thereafter in reference to her new solo ambitions, and was as embarrassed as the interviewee herself at my colleagues' lack of knowledge of her career. After an onslaught of their Fairport FAQs, she brightened considerably at my first query, wherein I wanted to know the source of the plentiful maritime themes in her own songwriting. Unfortunately this article has been lost to the mists of time or more likely, the damage fallout to my files by the Northridge Earthquake.

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