Saturday, September 8, 2012


I had motored to the Los Angeles Equestrian Center today to purchase horse supplies, only to be greeted by a sign proclaiming "Welcome Arabians!" It was the Pacific Slopes Arabian Horse and Half-Arabian Sport Horse Championships show, so I took a gander and shot these with my "purse camera," a Panasonic Lumix which handles low light and action reasonably well for a snapshot camera.

The above photo depicts 4th level Dressage in the indoor arena with a horse that reminded me of my own Indiana Jones (a National Show Horse, also registered as Half-Arabian, and currently on the get well soon list from hoof and pastern damage.)

Even thought this was a Class A show, riders are allowed to doff their heavy, formal riding jackets when it's this hot (98 F at 4 p.m. with muggy humidity) if judges allow same, which in Southern California they do.

Hunter pleasure
class over fences,
I suspect.

Up and over
the Arabian way:
wheee-ee-ee !!!

Arabians are always very energetic as well as beautiful.

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