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Powerful punk threesome DENIZ TEK & The Golden Breed (Deniz: guitar, vocals; Art Godoy: bass, vocals; Steve Godoy: drums, vocals) rocked The Blue Cafe, Long Beach, Calif. to the bone a week ago on April 27th.
Deniz Tek performances have proved stronger than ever since his participation with Iggy and The Stooges at the Tribute to Ron Asheton a year ago in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Once famed for his work in seminal 1970s Australian punk band Radio Birdman to whom he brought his native Detroit-style hard-coreness on guitar (and for other rather significant accomplishments,*) Tek has found his perfect partners in crime with the rhythm section of identical twins Art and Steve Godoy. They cook live!

Standouts in their punk canon (see set list below) were "Hand Of Law" and "Working Man," forcefully wailed, played with super-intensity. Long Beach punk afficianados were duly impressed to see the real deal in action! The Godoys (formerly of SoCal's The Exploding Fuckdolls) have worked with Tek on and off since 1994.

The Godoy twins
also share notoriety in the professional skateboarding and tattoo artistry worlds. I was told a poignant anecdote by them about their ink work for cancer survivors who underwent mastectomies. The Godoys tattoo trompe l'oeil nipples and surrounding colors for these patients who couldn't afford complete plastic surgery reconstructions. If you've ever seen their famous photo-realism LINK that's just as expert as their more tat-trad wildstyle work, you well can imagine how happy these patients were with the results. Hearing that, I like these
guys even more.


My stalwart co-adventurers were Jimmy Recca (bassist: the Ron Asheton/Machine Gun Thompson New Order, the Mach 1971 Stooges) and Paraphilia Magazine co-editor Dire McCain, seen above flanking Deniz Tek. Jimmy previously had graced my photo session (LINK) with Deniz and the Godoys when the band name was Last of the Badmen (session overtures arranged by Retrokimmer LINK.) Dire is pictured below happily
sandwiched betwixt twins Art and Steve Godoy.

Left, Dire and Jimmy
stroll the noir streets
of Long Beach; right,
worthy photographer
Anne Laurent
(a close, personal
friend of Deniz)
helms the swag
table featuring not only DT & Golden Breed t-shirts et cetera but Tek's "Citadel Years" double-CD and assorted Radio Birdman items.

Master of his percussion domain, Steve Godoy, below, post-gig.

Looking like size-variable Alice in Wonderland below, Dire perches atop the club's surreal, giant piano bench...

...and reflects while looking gloriously if deceptively angelic, particularly for a literary titan, albeit one in black patent leather.

*Beside being a punk rock legend, Tek is also an E.R. surgeon as well as former U.S. Navy "top gun" jet fighter pilot. Really.

Below, not from the gig in question, but fun and representative video nonetheless:

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Anonymous said... was rad to see you all...We are stoked Jimmy came along!! - The Godoy twins

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