Sunday, May 20, 2012

All hail THE HAILERS !

The Hailers live at Molly Malone's, West Hollywood 5.19.12. They turned out to be great!
Singer/songwriter/guitarist/Welshperson Robert Mills had formed The Hailers in his native U.K. circa 1994, recording there with RIchie Galloni. WIth Robert's geographic moves the band has since evolved to this L.A.ensemble that includes bassist/songwriter April Carson, known for her presence in The Wild Hairs.
They sort of slid the best elements of '70s classic rock under the door into our modern times; i.e., the context of Gerry Rafferty with the sass of Boz Scaggs if both had actually been huge fans of Mick Taylor's stint in the Rolling Stones and then had amassed a considerable reggae and C&W collection while eating gumbo.
Despite my disastrously mixed metaphors above, The Hailers present a fun, pro sound both live and in the studio. Robert has a great rock and roll voice as well. Many notables choose to work with this band: click The Hailers own site LINK.
The Hailers personnel: Robert Mills, guitar, vocals; April Carson, bass, vocals; Tod Jasmin, keyboards, guitar; Oren Halmut, drums.

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