Friday, July 1, 2011

CHERIE CURRIE, HEART, FLEETWOOD MAC: Independent women for Independence Day

Cherie Currie's definitely an independent for her survival of the erratic career of the The Runaways, chronicled now in its eponymous movie, and for her post-fame and success penchant for combining her talents with charity work. I've photographed at least three such benefits that she masterminded. Cherie joined Paula Pierce and The Pandoras (see LINK) onstage at Club Lingerie, Hollywood, in the late '80s (above) and...

...joined Burton Averre formerly of The Knack for a charity benefit to aid Redwings Horse Sanctuary of Northern California in the early '90s, staged by all otherwise Goth/hardcore/riotgrrl acts. "Let's do it for the horsies!" encouraged Girl Jesus, a band who arrived onstage amidst "pony play" participants (those who dress up as horses in harnesses, bridles and bits etc.
as their preferred fetish,) "Our raffle is for lotsa free tattoos and piercings." I always liked this pic of mine of Cherie, with her lovely face, perfect manicure and copious bling, wailing away at this definitely outsider event.

Heart, above, first line-up of the band. I have no idea when but I probably took the photo at the Inglewood Forum or some such enormo-dome, as they were huge as soon as they broke. This was one of two influential bands to feature two female performers in major roles before the revamped Fleetwood Mac (my rehearsal shot of them below.) The other was the Velvet Underground!

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