Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mr. TWISTER, FASTFILM in the news!

Off to Lompoc (site of W.C.Fields' The Bank Dick. He made the town's name sound hysterical with every repetition) and its guaranteed, always glorious weather for the Western Combined Sighthound Show, and its Golden State Deerhound Club entry for Lyonhil Karis Eden Pedecaris (so named after the Candace Bergen character in The Wind And The Lion and Sean Connery's [as the Berber Rizuli (!)] Scottish burr muttering of "Yer a lot of t-r-r-r-rouble, Mrs. Pedecaris." Deerhound puppies are indeed, but outgrow it) and yours truly. We won American Bred Bitch (so very apropos) but nothing further up the ladder. Below, Mr. Twister and Sarahbelle the Golden Retriever, the latter having a Walter Mitty moment in front of the place for the Number 1 dog winner.

We also made the local news: check out LINK towards the end.


maryanrose said...

You both look fantastic--it was a pleasure to finally meet Mr. Twister-hey Kurt, this dog show thing could become habit forming, we need to get you a deerhound puppy!

Unknown said...

It was great to see you guys there--a pleasure to finally meet Mr. Twister. Hey Kurt, this dog show thing could be habit forming--we'll have to get you your own deerhound puppy to show! Mary Ann

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