Monday, March 14, 2011


pictured in the above screen capture,* offered below lies the only known film footage of me before assorted 2002 horse shows (representational still photo, right.) Timings of same are as follows, since the appearances are limited to mere seconds. This 1975 post-student film epic opus paean to Bruce Lee "The Adventures of Ozzie Twightly" stars a future network television director alongside his future ex-wife (portraying "Granny") with, as "Twang" in the flowered kimono, a future tv horror show host (and bane of my adolescence LINK) alongside his first wife.

8:46 (me- long brown/black hair, sitting on the floor in black Glam trouser outfit)

9:03 (me- wearing then habitual platform shoes)

Today all I have in common with this person remains status as a female carbon-based life-form...
*Thank you Tim Weston for the proper nomenclature denoting my "Mimsy Farmer/Riot On Sunset Strip scowl" seen in screen capture.

NOTE: link directly back to if all elements such as photo layouts or videos aren't here.

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