Thursday, March 10, 2011


photo (C) 1973 Heather Harris
Dick Dale and the Del-tones, The Surfaris, Jan & Dean and GLITTER? Yes, I took this photograph in 1973 at the First Surf Revival at the Hollywood Palladium featuring the above artists during the original era of Glam in Hollywood. I remained impressed with the juxtaposition of the correctly trendy couple versus the genuine surfing accoutrements (my pics of Dick Dale leaping a piano at that very show here LINK.)

The trendy young lady sports a smart suit, Art Deco accessories and the latest perm as popularized by the nascent Bette Midler and assorted Rocky Horror Show (pre-film) characters, and quite the sea change from long hippie tresses and dresses. The young gentleman proffers the proverbial perfect haircut of the times, then known as a shag (see Rod Stewart and Faces, #9 at LINK.) The contingent at the surfboard table evinces looks more popular with those immune to what's now termed Glam but then was Glitter (which is to say the rest of the world save nano-portions of L.A., NYC, London and Paris) during the early to mid 1970s.
Notable here is the fluidity with which all musical, fashion and lifestyle mindsets intermingled in 1973, unlike, say, today.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this photo, Heather!!!! '60s surf.. '70s glitter/glam.. both genres right up my alley. I'm totally into nostalgia, ya know?! THOSE were the days, my friend!
-shelley mitchell

William said...

I sure would like to see Dick dale leaping the piano, but the link isn't resolving.. could you give us the URL address?

Fast Film said...

William, sorry about the link, it's now fixed. In case of malfunctioning whatever however, the URL is
I appreciate your interest in my work.

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