Tuesday, May 15, 2018


 Fair usage photograph © 1967 Marie Cosindas. Tom Wolfe for her series 
on modern Dandies.
 The Right Stuff might also be a generalized epitaph, as Tom Wolfe always got his research dead right. His vivid descriptions and immersive "you are there" stylization spawned useless drab imitation, and kept Pop Culture on its toes with his cogent insights thereupon. Marie Cosindas, who passed away a year ago, worked exclusively with large format Polaroids for her commercial and fine art photgraphy.
                                  Fair usage photograph © 1979 Patrick Jarnoux.
Hollywood chronicler Alison Martino found the above stunning and cool pic. Rest in peace actress Margot Kidder, who reportedly was last heard from yesterday morning, raspy-voiced on the phone to friends complaining that she was throwing up every hour. It sounds as if our wretched 2017-18 flu season has claimed another poor soul...

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