Tuesday, July 18, 2017


On a far happier note, today is the birthday of great singer/instrumental/songwriter Evie Sands, once a 1960s American dollybird with real talent who happily is still performing. Her interpretations of non-originals frequently become the touchstone for all afterwards, like her "Take Me For A Little While" which springboarded so many others. 

But instead I'm posting a performance I wish I'd attended. She brings out all the fresh grandeur endemic to the start of the career of a now oversaturated popular figure, back when his talent was new and extraordinary, we were young and the world was open and waiting... 

(Everyone talented is entitled to pursue a successful career, but the losses in this process are more noticeable in the truly talented: one might point to Elton and Rod Stewart as foremost...but it was thrilling, wasn't it, when it was new...)

Evie Sands has graced our music world for over 50 years with nary a dip in quality. Her new EP "Shine for Me" was released last April 22, 2017 on R-Spot Records.

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