Tuesday, June 6, 2017


 We attended a 5.5.17 reception at the Getty Museum, West Los Angeles held by BritWeek, the organization that promotes British talent in all the arts in California, film, fine art, fashion, music, what have you. There's a plethora here from which to choose. This occasion promoted the Getty's new photography exhibits of Thomas Annan, Scottish photographer of the late 1880s and the more modern Chris Killip's The Making of En Flagrante photo essays.

Above, what was actually a night shot  of Mr. Twister attending the BritWeek reception.
 Above, guest photographer © 2017 Kurt Ingham. Yours truly in a more nocturnal looking night shot. Below, another "night shot" variant of Mr. Twister.

I do not have the sharklike impulse to intrude papparazzo-esquely into the lives of the celebrated, particularly in confined spaces, but if I did the resultant photo would resemble my drawing herein: British fashion designer extraordinaire Zandra Rhodes all in fuschia inclusive of her coiffure, against the stark white, square elevator interior of the Getty Museum...
 My typical 'not bothering people' shot of some of reception invitees inside the Getty...

BritWeek's statement:

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