Monday, March 13, 2017

CHEETAH CHROME live at the WHISKY A GOGO 2.16.17: All This And More Tour

Superb show 2.16.17 at the Whisky A GoGo starring Cheetah Chrome celebrating the 40th anniversary of his CBGB punk darlings The Dead Boys. Wild and fun: there's nothing like the authenticity of an O.G...

Jake from the tribute band The Undead Boys providing vocals for actual Cheetah Chrome Dead Boys' songs!

Also, raunchy vocals from Ames Flames, genial, longtime guitar tech and associate of Cheetah's.

 It all starts out okay and fine, then...Left to right, Lisa Lee, Cheetah Chrome, Evita Corby

 Below, California Rocker Editor Donna Balancia and Mr. Chrome
 Rock and roll couturier Evita Corby with Cheetah enthusiast Amè Kali; Evita and Jake Perry, current booker for The Whisky. Similar vocational directions for the latter pairing: Ms. Corby once managed On The Rox and worked at the Roxy.

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