Thursday, September 17, 2015

AMY D'ALLESSANDRO weds JAMES STOLZ with BEST HORSE part of the ceremony!

My friend Amy D'Allessandro wed James Stolz in an outdoor ceremony with her National Show Horse Bella Nova as a vital part of the ceremony 9.5.15. Amy rode Nova from her nearby house to the park where the nuptials were held, and Nova was a very good girl throughout, despite racket from a nearby freeway and firefighting helicopters overhead. Below, Amy and Nova arriving at and during the ceremony.
 "You may kiss the bride." (the happy couple ↓) "You may kiss the horse." (the groom's mother!  →)
 special wedding dressage saddle pad!

panorama of the entire wedding by guest photographer © 2015 Kurt Ingham

Amy D'Allessandro, now Amy Stolz was the film director of "The Making of Re-Licked" feature for the dvd that accompanies James Williamson's solo album Re-Licked, and also of the video shot in my photography studio of one of its songs "I Got A Right" (click LINK) starring volcanic singer Lisa Kekaula and acclaimed dancer Cleo Viper. James Stolz was the cinematographer for both as well.

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