Tuesday, May 5, 2015


(fair usage pics, photographers unknown)  

At left, Anjelica Huston and Liza Minelli, courtesy of Heatherton Julye Benecke who observed, "I wouldn't tussle with these two in a dark alley, then and now."  Seeing this great shot permits me to feel like I wasn't such a degenerate teenager after all. 

To wit: photo at right from my prep school yearbook, yours truly and Rich Correll**, future film and television director. Further trivia: I'm wearing, as a mini dress, a shocking pink tunic shirt purchased (with babysitting monies) from Sat Purush, the Indian clothing store in Westwood Village CA featured on the cover of the first Strawberry Alarm Clock LP, click LINK 

Typical universal reaction to Anjelica/Liza photo: "That's like the coolest picture ever!" --J.S. on Facebook.  I should add that Anjelica's underplayed comedic star turn in The Witches based on Roald Dahl's loopy, grim fairy tale and Liza's poignant interpretation of a JonBenet Ramsey-type-mom in Law & Order SVU are my favorite acting roles of these "Daughters of Anarchy..."
* headline inspired by the great Coasters' song by Jerry Lieber, Mike Stoller and Doc Pomus...
** writing nice things about people on public forum department: Although he dated Harold Lloyd's grandaughter Sue at time, Richard and I were good friends because we shared the same taste in music and films. He was a talented singer and guitarist with wicked musical impressions of all sorts of popstars. He played guitar in Beaver and The Trappers (Jerry [the Beaver] Mathers' band) "Happiness Is" 45 single release after the two graduated from their "Leave It To Beaver" stint. He also hosted movie-showing parties (way pre-video/dvd/streaming era, kiddies) and excursions to go shoot imaginative student-film-type dramas and comedies even before he was a film student. His ringleadership of same provided a whole lot of fun in those days. His late brother Charlie also was a director, on one aoccasion at a production filmed at our house no less, see LINK 

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