Monday, February 23, 2015


 Great (as usual) Dr. Boogie show 2.21.15 at El Cid in East Hollywood, Calif., with a harp guest, a mischievous drummer, Blessings, and an onstage birthday party.
 Dr. Boogie remain a cool ensemble of strong songwriting matched by strong playing and strong onstage delivery with nary a weak link and a helluva lot of raunchy bang for your hard-earned buck. 

Liquid gravel-throated singer Chris P. inquired if there were any hookers in the audience before launching into "Queen Of The Street," their single currently enjoying airplay on Los Angeles' two remaining radio stations that feature current hard rock, KROQ and KXLU. Guitarist Dustin James' and bassist Jerry Turpin's good looks bely their tough-as-nails experienced instrumental expertise, while drummer Luis Herrera is the closest we're going to get to the late, great Jerry Nolan of the NY Dolls (in stylish but solid percussion, not in personal habits.)

Below right, local legend Frenchie-Patrick French, center, joins in on his harp which has graced hard rock hierarchy releases of The Joneses and Rancid amongst others.

The Blessings are an impressive bluesy roots/rock ensemble in a '70s-upgraded sorta way, referential to Chuck Berry/The Stones and helmed by singer/guitarist Jeremy White, above, he of the accurately recreated trendy fashions of yore.  As with Dr. Boogie, we NEED this music sensibility desperately in our vapid, interchangeable pop world of 2015.  Other Blessings singer Lavone Barnett-Seetal was feted onstage with a lit candle-bedecked chocolate birthday cake delivered by Teresa Farber as pictured ... Said Ms. Lavone later on social media, "I was surprised. I love surprises!"

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