Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Bad ass musicians and cute to boot! THE GLAM SKANKS played Club Loaded in 
Hollywood CA 9.6.14 to debut their five count 'em five new videos.

  It's hard to keep up with the lineup changing their stage noms des guerre for each gig, but currently it's Ali Cat (Ali Torres) on lead vocals, V (Veronica Witkin) on guitar, Breanna Blue (Breanna Fields) on bass, and Linzy Jewlz (Lindsay Martin) on drums.
Music biz kids exposed to pro talent and work ethics from tender ages, it shows. Terrific musicians the lot of them, and Ali has that real rock drive voice one never encounters on tv contests.


Lead singer Ali Cat
trespassing on early Linda Ronstadt's brunette sultriness...

Their set is about 80% fun, original songs and 20% glam covers. They demonstrably are doing everything right, and can only get even better. Sadly, I'll never work for them because they've got the photographer for Aerosmith and Johnny Depp right there in the family (and I like her, genuine nice person and true animal-lover.) But it's always fun to catch major acts at the nascent ascent of an inevitable upward curve. And as a non-blood-relative fan wrote on Facebook, "We NEED a current all female band who are great!" 

What ARE those girls doing?!? Would Bowie and Ronson have approved?

For more info go to LINK
First released of their five videos below:

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