Saturday, April 5, 2014


 Recently excavated proof sheets* of The Pandoras live 8.2.89 at Club Lingerie, 
Hollywood. Members were: Paula Pierce, guitar, vocals; Melanie Vammen, keyboards,
percussion; Kim Shattuck, bass; Sheri Kaplan, drums. Sheri was known for Hardly Dangerous, Kim and Melanie later were in The Muffs, Paula sadly passed away at 
age 31 from an aneurysm. (see LINK)
Above, She Rok at same gig. Members were Emi Canyn, vocals; Mary Kay, bass; Gerri Edinger, guitar, Lisa Lichtenstein drums. Mary is best known for her dazzling bass fretwork in THE DOGS (see LINK), Emi went on to be a Nasty Habit in Motley Crue and wed its guitar player, Geri sadly is no longer with us. More info, see LINK.

*proof sheets showed every photo taken on color or black and white film in the pre-digital Pleistocene. They were developed in darkrooms from negatives. Yes, I used color negative film (Ektapress) because it was low-light faster and I could make infinite copies without surrendering transparencies to tight-deadlined periodicals, the major reason my contemporary colleagues are missing their own critical work.

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