Thursday, March 6, 2014


Mr. Twister's new 
Manga camera 
from Japan, 
a plastic twin-lens 
reflex manufactured 
as a fad for the 
yoof of the world--
 2 shutter speeds, 
2 f stops.
Mary of THE DOGS
 poses skeptically
but pleasantly
before rehearsal
for this coming
Saturday's Dogs' gig 
at Cafe NELA,
1906 Cypress Ave.
After the L.A. show it's 
on to South by Southwest 
Festival in Austin Texas 
for not one but two gigs, 
with yours truly in tow 
for still photography 

Our home yesterday morning in a rare fog. It's green overall because of equally rare rainfall the week before. We kept the nonfunctional, circa-1950s TV antenna on top of our roof to make the house look more retro-genic for any possible film and television productions. 

We entertained quite a lot of location shoots chez us in the 1990s, when there was still scripted drama requiring non-reality show places for characters to dwell. Our home almost was typecast as a musician's lair, becoming same for at least three productions. (we have a lot of cds, lps 45s and a piano.)

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