Tuesday, November 12, 2013



100 mules trekked right past the doorstep of my friends Don and Marijke in Shadow Hills CA commemorating Los Angeles Aqueduct's 100th birthday on Nov. 10th, but look what I found near our digs today! Exotic ungulates! And for those who care about such matters as I do, the circus animals all appeared to be in good health, well fed, muscled even, unstressed and definitely accepting of humans. The zebras were bright-eyed and the camel came right over for his closeup... The 18 hand Percheron (a giant, now rare-ish draft horse breed) needed a bath but horse-people know you never bathe a horse until right before his show appearance, else risk a newly muddied equine. There were American flags aflutter everywhere, but the red and white tent stripes reminded me of the Rising Sun flag of Japan, a great graphic element.

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