Thursday, October 17, 2013

THE DOGS rockin' return to The Redwood 10.11.13

 THE DOGS returned to a packed The Redwood, Downtown L.A. 10.111.13 in  rockin' form at a rare reunion gig for these Detroit/Hollywood legends (history, see LINK.) They still perform with all the passion of their teenage selves who rocked the Detroit/Ann Arbor/Lansing Michigan circuit of rowdy audiences in the late 1960s before relocating to New York City in the early 70s and Hollywood in the middle part of the decade.  Speedy, precise, impassioned, hard and loud, theirs now is the finesse of true survivors of the rock and roll wars, wherein the foremost enemy of such music is not its corrupt industry but the passage of time itself.  

The repertoire included 40 years of great protopunk, punk and hard rock plus selections from their brand spankin' new release "Hypersensitive." This photojournalist's personal fave song from both "Hypersensitive" and any Dogs' set- "Motor City Fever" which catalogs their influences in riffage that is insistent, astonishing, heavy and catchy all at once, rather like the band itself. THE DOGS are Loren Molinare- guitar, vocals; Mary Kay- bass, vocals, Tony Matteucci- drums, vocals.

Above post show, fellow photographer/promoter Chryss Butterknife O'Raidy embraces Dogs drummer Tony Matteucci musing, "So many rockstars, so little time." Below left- amidst weird backstage lighting, Mary holds Tony's set list indicating who starts what song other than drummer and with which percussion; right-Krista Wood and Todd Somers never miss these all too infrequent Dogs shows.

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