Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DETROITS ROCKS! music documentary

At top, Detroit/L.A. band for four decades, punk progenitors THE DOGS whose singer/guitarist Loren Molinare recently was interviewed this last week for director Ron Perry's longterm music documentary "Detroit Rocks!" The film encompasses decades of major Michigan music legends, with Perry having interviewed over 120 participants over the last four years including Dick Wagner, Scott Morgan and MC5's Machine Gun Thompson and (the late) Michael Davis.

Next photo: Deniz Tek of Australian punk icons Radio Birdman but originally from Ann Arbor, smiles while interviewed on film for Perry in April of 2011. Deniz still tours with the Godoy twins with all the same original sweaty passion.  

Above left, Kim Maki of the popular Retrokimmer blog chronicling the Detroit/Ann Arbor scene amongst many other fascinating topics, and right: Rick Ruiner of current pop/punk band The Ruiners who are fun incarnate (I'm always impressed with performers who deliberately set themselves on fire as does Rick. This was one of my better half Mr. Twister's signature onstage moves,) Kim Maki and the filmmaker his own bad self, Ron Perry. For more information on the release click Retrokimmer's LINK.

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