Thursday, February 21, 2013


Feb. 16th in East L.A., brutal 
deathmetal from DARKRISE,
all the way from Switzerland 
to the From Darkness Arose 
Immortality 2013 tour across
the USA with a passel of other
like-minded bands including
noteworthy Chemical Warfare. 

Darkrise easily led the pack
with their inventive rhythms 
amidst the genre's well known
growling, sonic assault, led 
by a singer with the accurate  assessment, according to one viewer, "he brings it." 

This proved rather crucial as the venue featured absolutely no stage lighting whatsoever. Zilch, rien, nada, none. No atmospheric shadows, no nuttin': a trifle rough for those of us who prefer to photograph live shows with natural light. The war dancers rammed their way through in the inky blackness, however, to mosh deserved appreciation of DARKRISE.


Above, Darkrise drummer Axel Vuille, proud papa Olivier Vuille and my better half Mr. Twister in the later house lights. Below light meter readings of less than zero...


Anonymous said...

Really nice pics Heather, thanks again for coming! :)

Can I post them on facebook?


Nicolas said...

That's some really nice pictures you took! Thanks a lot!

Nicolas said...

Those are some really nice photos! Thanks a lot for you review!

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