Wednesday, January 9, 2013


'LOVE this. Fair use photos credited to Yeecoo herein are of Liu Qianping, a 72-yr-old grandfather in China who recently became a heretofore unlikely but now highly in-demand professional model of young women's fashions. After he playfully tried on his granddaughter Lu Ting's store's shipment of clothes and then posed for same as a lark in her promotions, Lu Ting's store sales instantly quadrupled. Jean Shrimpton/Tyra Banks/Gisele Bundchen stardom beckoned then exploded domestically!

And he really is a great model, meaning he intrinsically knows how to show off the clothes (and we XX chromosomesters should all look this good!) He does his own styling plus accessorizing with a few provisos to all photographers: age-appropriate session time limitation and assorted few tricks of the trade; i.e, he always covers his neck (bane of us geezerettes) and the everpresent shades promote an overall girlish illusion. 

 Liu's new meme starpower in China emerged in a viral phenomenon in their own media of other laolaiqiao, loosely translated from the mandarin as funny things the elderly do. Based on nascent pop culture successes alone, will China become the new Japan?*
*see definitive textbook above

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