Wednesday, June 6, 2012

LITTLE CAESAR pre-Euro-tour Blow Out!

Revving up for a June/July 2012 tour of Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Belgium, Little Caesar hit the ground rocking
with an album release party for their newest cd/download
"American Dream," at Brixton's, South Bay CA on June 2nd.

Pictured here from top
Little Caesar are--
Ron Young, lead vocals;
Joey Brasler, guitar, vocals;

Fidel Paniagua,
bass, vocals;
Molinare, guitar, vocals;
Tom Morris, drums

Heroic, sweaty hardrockheavysoul performed with metal-esque power and panache plus intelligent lyrics remains their game, always nailed and delivered live. They're impressively better than their salad days two
decades ago when they outrocked their Golden Era of Hair Metal contemporaries (most of whom wax pitifully in comparison today.) Title track "American Dream" and "Hard Rock Hell" are still looping in my mind. Really great sound on great material...

His own best promoter, Ron Young commented on Little Caesar's storied 23-year roller coaster history in response to Michael Brandvold Marketing's blog/video "Artists You Buy Blindly Because of Devotion – Dropping The Needle Podcast" in his typically enthusiastic while erudite manner:

"For a band like us that had so much hype and promise from some of the most powerful people in the industry, the simple fact that we still get to do it together means riches for us. We never asked for any of that hype…we WERE excited about it, but it was almost secondary. For us, being in a band with other guys that adore music as it’s own entity, was a bond that is priceless.

Some guys go to work and save up to take a fishing trip, or go golfing in an exotic location. We do that with music. We save up and go into a recording studio. The gifts we receive, the deepening of our connection to collectively build sounds, energy and tones is a safari for us. To attempt to create something that moves us in the way that our heroes music moves us, is our muse… and sole reward.

We look at bands that get to make music all the time with envy. What makes their music more profitable than ours? Why can’t we do it? We came so close. Many of our difficulties were based in business, power struggles between giants, some bad series of events that occurred in the narrow window that a band gets
to either perform or be banished to obscurity.

It took me many years to separate commercial success and making credible music. Its very hard for a musician to not place his self worth in unit sales… especially when making music is your life’s blood."

Last but not least, we hear from Loren Molinare, also guitarist/lead vocalist for The Dogs. When complimented on how great both new releases respectively sounded, he replied "Dogs and LC albums in the first half of this year: I am almost feel like
a Mormon, I am married to two hot wives. . ."

You can obtain American Dream by Little Caesar and other worthy, previous releases at their site LINK.

Additional PHOTO OPS: Left, guitar hotshot Gilby Clarke (formerly of Guns N'Roses) played after Little Caesar. Below, Christine and Dire McCain, Editor of Paraphilia Magazine hit the serious moonlight beach showers outside of Brixton's.

Below, someone's audience video from the gig. Not their typical jet-propeled number, but dig that bayou groove!

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