Friday, April 27, 2012


Above, left to right, Don Dunham, Marijke Koger-Dunham, my better half Mr. Twister and Evita Corby.

Fine artist MARIJKE KOGER-DUNHAM was the featured guest speaker at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art event promoting Norman Hathaway and Dan Nadel's book "Electrical Banana: Masters of Psychedelic Art." Above and below, author Hathaway clearly had a field day in front of the rapt audience while interviewing Marijke about her preeminence as iconographic creative force in the 1960s and beyond.
We see Marijke 3 times in the above photo showing films of her work with The Fool in the 1960s at the event, plus the back of a very appropriately attired Evita Corby, wearing her own rock couture-designed John Lennon jacket. The Fool were responsible for The Beatles' psychedelic, polychrome style circa their Sgt. Pepper era in the 1960s.

Left, powerpoint show of Marijke's art in paintings, clothing, murals and commercial art, this one of an LP cover for the Incredible String Band by her Fine Art aggregate, The Fool (who were also recording artists); right, Evita and Marijke. Below, your humble photojournalist, Mr. Twister and Evita Corby in front of her vintage clothing establishment Velvet Threads, before we embarked on this particular adventure.
Photograph by Electric Earl.

Did I mention that Don and Marijke saved my horse from the terrible Station Fire three years ago, evacuating him with their truck and horse-trailer from that 200,000-acre wildfire through the flashpoints and burning embers to their own ranch? Good friends indeed!

Also shown at the M.O.C.A. event was the video below, part of the 1968 film "Wonderwall," for which The Fool provided art direction, set dressing, costuming, graphics and party scene entertainment (that's Marijke doing the Mid-eastern dancing.)

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Anonymous said...

I truly enjoyed watching that 1968 wonderwall clip w/jane birkin and marijke is gorgeous + fantastic artist visionary! The importance of the inspiration that comes from artists and musicians who are able to make their livings doing what they love fulltime is huge. It is no easy task. Steve and I are so lucky to have such wonderful friends around us and with this it's fulfilling to see our kids thriving in the arts as well.
- Kim Baise

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