Sunday, November 6, 2011

THE LORDS launch smoke babies to the sky

They made videos sufficiently creative (cue: fleeting image of the four group members stomping around in a Lilliputian-undersized children's sandbox) that the general public assumed The LORDS already constituted a band of some renown. Then each video was deemed part of an ongoing documentary. And the selfsame cinema veritè traced The LORDS' ascent via social networking. 

  According to same, guitarist Calvin (far left, 3 of the 4 photos) credits this 'fait accompli' tactic with securing the band's upward arc in popularity, "Suddenly we had hundreds of people a day 'friending' us," with a tacit suspicion that some of the more fanciful monickers were pseudonyms ("Iamthethin King," "Rosey Futura" or "Iknow Disfusion" par example.)

 Speaking (or in this case writing) of social networks, that of charismatic, leonine-maned singer John's (front right, top photo) own Facebook page features these soaring aphorisms:"If you're being run out of town be out front & make it look like a parade... Good times call for great outlaws. Chandler dissidents. Safe daemons..."whereas The Lords' bandpage on assorted social networks like LINK and LINK or website LINK feature descriptions of the group as follows:
"A vehicle to bring up; a hot air balloon for a crew piling into the basket. The newborn's imagination from the sun. A group of perceivers, in an army of the night assembled. Wildly differing views united. Film-makers, musicians, artists, visionaries and pioneers here to burn the floor with a fire by friction. See us rise like smoke babies to the sky, no lie, the time now is ripe and practical as a Skype call to Japan."

The entire ensemble is Benjo Vander Broek- bass,
Andrew Tyler- drums, Calvin Pfeffer- guitar and John Mooar- vocals.
Yes, they combine trippy and magnificent. And well.
Then I was hired to photograph the LORDS on break from recording at Clear Lake Audio, where all these shots were taken including the one striding outside the studio which they playfully termed "their 'Entourage' shot." Me, I liked the huge commitment of the personnel so immeditely apparent, in their overall sound and in the quasi-reggae of  "Ocean Town." 

Sample of social networking on The Lords/The New Seers (their A.K.A.) Facebook wall-- The Lords/The New Seers: I'm back!  FB 1: Huzzah!  FB 2: Where have you been John?  John Mooar: I have no idea. 


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