Tuesday, September 27, 2011


In the center above, Mick Farren, prolific (at last count-23 novels and 18 non-fiction works in addition to fulltime journalism and multiple daily blogs LINK,) acerbic, genuinely funny and thoroughly modern intelligent author extraordinaire caught in my
photo amid a spoken word with a rock band bridge move betwixt his writing career and that of his music one (The Deviants and precursor The Social Deviants, unfortunately less known in my native United States. Fellow Yanks, they were Brit equivalents of the Mothers of Invention throughout the late '60s with a bit of MC5, Bonzo Dog Band and overall anarchy thrown in. Farren himself concocted Phun City in 1970, mother of all large-scale Euro-summer music festivals. Also his lyrics have been sung by no less than Metallica, Motorhead and Wayne Kramer.)

Once ex-pat to Los Angeles and now re-pat back to England, he's currently said to be recovering from some anonymous but serious malady. Get well soon and for as long as possible: our planet needs all the multi-tasking counterculture/pop culture iconoclasts out there in public that it can muster.

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