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The May 20th opening of Adrian Wong's multi-media installation was held ltd Gallery on 7561 Sunset Blvd, one time site of Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco, Hollywood Glitter Ground Zero playhouse on the Sunset Strip from 1972-75. Artist Wong flew in from his abode in Hong Kong, although he grew up in Chicago as those who inquired of his impeccable American English learned. Above and below, Rodney and his colleague Evita Corby, a rock fashion designer/stylist who once booked acts in other clubs after the English Disco enjoyed her teenaged patronage. Disclaimer: as a non-dancer* I never darkened the club's doors back in the day.
The evening took a pensive turn when a slide show of habitues at the English Disco was launched on the gallery's office computer.

An art show may not have been the ideal locale for the gamut of emotions evoked by photographs of both good times and lost friends (literally and figuratively) for those who knew and cavorted with them; i.e. pointing out on the pc monitor the late Sabel Starr, a vibrant scenester in her own right and little sister of Evita's friend Corel Shields.

Fortunately, local music biz author Harvey Kubernik and graphic designer Mark London are now on board to help Rodney concoct his definitive written history of this iconographic club-house of L.A.'s original Glam era youth. Working title: "Rodney's English Disco: A Glitter Revolution." With Rodney, they're marshaling extensive photo archives for this book to be published in 2012 heralding the forty year anniversary of the club's opening.

Below, the artist Mr. Wong explains his ocean films room to Ms. Corby and is seen with an art compatriot through watery images of same below as well. The buffet reawakened my long dormant taste for caviar...

Art lovers all!

Above, an update via 9.24.11 from ltd gallery and Pacific Standard Time (art consortium via the Getty art museums of
Los Angeles.)

*dancing to music as an automatic response to rhythm is anathema to live music photography and promotes camera shake so I carefully disciplined myself not to do so. At least that's the rationalization from this klutz.

Chris Difford has the last word on Glam nostalgia et al.

NOTE: link directly back to if all elements such as photo layouts or videos aren't here.

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