Thursday, December 16, 2010

more of my ART

I drew this for the ABC Records house organ in 1975 and was told to use certain buzzwords in the balloons, which I fashioned into war-related non sequiturs. This is an uncharacteristically butch drawing style for me, but hey, I'm versatile. Insider jokes at the time were the cockpit resembling a recording studio, General Nuisance obsessed with Coke, and the jagged slopes of the sales wall chart sporting its own skier down them.
I always preferred to photograph people and draw animals. Above two dik-diks, below, an impala.
Media? the dik-diks: ink drawing with watercolor infill. In art school classes I used to love squishing the linseed oil into the oil paints on the palette, but then I'm a closet sensualist. However, my alltime favorite medium was a hugely soft pencil brand no longer made that had so dark a black (Spinal Tap's None More Black?) that it was completely uneraseable, and I used to like showing off that I didn't need to erase. The impala drawing is an example of same.

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