Monday, February 22, 2010


photo (C) Heather Harris. All Rights Reserved. L-R: Brad Laner, Mari Grubbs and Eddie Ruscha.

Here's my elegant studio shot of Brad Laner, creative musician to this day, A Long Time Ago with his group Debt of Nature, later signed to Rick Rubin's Def American (then American) label as Medicine. One of the other member's father was my art teacher at UCLA as famous artist in residence, Ed Ruscha. That class was fun! He showed movies (it was an oil painting class) and brought his Hollywood celeb friends to stroll around making random comments like "I think you need more green."

The look we were going for was analytical clinicians. Brad was so precise in conveying what he wanted that all I had to do was build the set, get Mari a little more comfortable with being photographed, and we got the best pic, this one, on the first shot. Rare, that.

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Trailer Park said...

whatever happened to mari grubbs????

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