Sunday, November 22, 2009


photo (C) 1993 Heather Harris. Paul McCartney at the 1993 Grammy's with his special award. Pack/group photography, which I hated because everyone gets the same photo. At least the subject tried to make it graphically interesting with this gesture, and the shadow he cast, kept with fill flash, made it even more so.

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Fast Film said...

Yeah, yeah, jaded I know, upon re-reading. My 13-year-old self would have gone apeshit. My 14-year-old self envied my 15-year-old friends that actually made it with the Beatles in their assorted L.A. sorties. I contented myself with a lucrative "I'll draw you en flagrante with your favorite Beatle" art business. I charged extra to draw the anticipated love child (i.e. baby Jaggers with thick lips.)

MOST jaded thought of my youth: when I had 5-th row Rolling Stones seats in 1969, I was actually mad that opener Terry Reid had been cancelled.

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