Thursday, July 9, 2009


Mr. Twister (who is Mr. Fastfilm) and I both have worked in the entertainment industry here in L.A. for rather a while, and we finally deciphered the code of how well one knows famous people. Here's the lexicon.


I know X = I've been in the same room as X.
No, really, I know X = I've spoken to X.
X is a close personal friend of mine = X spoke back to me.
X is a dear, dear, close personal friend of mine = X spoke more than two words back to me.
X and I are really tight = X didn't call security on me.
I've dined with X = we were in the same restaurant at the same time.
I've worked with X = we were both involved in the same job, production or project.
X has worked closely with me = X spoke back to me while we were both involved in the same job, production or project.
X and I partied together! = we shared the same connection. 8-)~

Now, in true mathematical word problem fashion, how would you decipher the following? (true life examples from our past):

Sample Questions:
Q: Mister Twister went to a Watts Music Festival in the early 1970's. What is his relationship with Muhammad Ali?
A: He "knows" Muhammad Ali, because the latter was also in the stadium audience with everyone else.

Q: In the pre-digital era, Clint Eastwood and I were both waiting in a Hollywood pro photo lab, and he asked me why I used Agfa Portrait 120 reversal film, as I was dropping off a quantity of it I had shot. I explained that I liked the slightly warmer tones and somewhat diffused quality.
A: Clint Eastwood and I have "worked together." (Although later we actually did. See LINK.)

Q: Ray Davies and I were both kicked out of a bar together, he for forgetting his passport ID, me for having none, being underaged at the time.

A: We are "close, personal friends." Trick question, as we both barhopped with a mutual friend!

Q: I set up a blind date between future astronaut Sally Ride and Jerry Mathers, TV's "Leave it To Beaver" when all of us were teens.
A: Defies categorization, as they hated each other.


Fast Film said...

A subplot/corollary to Full Fame Disclosure was omitted about not informing my mother of celebs in restaurants. Our hushed detection of one to her translated into her shrieking at the top of her lungs "Alan Alda?!? Alan Alda's here!? ALAN ALDA!!!!" while we slithered deeper into out seats pretending not to know her

RetroKimmer said...

hmmm very interesting formula. I must have a couple of Z relationships eh? :P

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