Sunday, June 28, 2009


I like photos that show an audience's reaction to performers. Here's Stephen Shareaux, vocalist for The Who Show (itself the most elaborate, accurately [and whimsically- Entwistle's famed leather skeleton suit makes an appearance] costumed, Who tribute band of equal instrumental prowess to its namesake heroes which offers, amongst its repertoire, an entire Tommy album, complete with French horn and extra orchestra ) as Jimmy the Mod in a Quadrophenia segment. The widespread-all ages crowd is definitely mesmerized. Photo taken three nights ago in a large civic theatre venue.

My other photo depicts Iggy Pop circa 1990 and his audience, who clearly adore him in their fashion. He's now performed for over 40 years continuing his initial smashing of barriers betwixt stage performer and crowd, having walked on a sea of peoples' hands circa 1970 or fomenting occasionally violent interaction, leaping into same to this day. In yer face indeed!

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